Blue Ice Products

Gain prestige among your customers by relieving their irritation in your work

Blue Ice Soap

Blue Ice Soap

Formats: 500ml or 1000ml
Soap formulated for cleaning and disinfection of the tattoo while it is being carried out.
Refreshes the skin and reduces inflammation caused by the use of needles, reducing irritation and redness of the skin.
It keeps the colors more vibrant.
It's recommended to dilute to 10%.

Blue Ice CBD

Blue Ice CBD

Formats: 120ml or 280ml
Blue ice is a cream specially designed for tattoo artists, during the tattoo making process. Its natural components like Papaya extract, coconut and Cannabidiol (CBD), along with other regenerating components, act every time it is used on the skin, reducing discoloration and bleeding and quickly regenerating the skin.
This cream comes in various formats from 120 to 280 ml.

Blue Ice tattoo cream

Blue Ice Cream

Formats: 120ml or 280ml
Blue ice prevents the skin from staining the skin excessively with the ink while tattooing, makes the glove slide easily, keeps the tracing much longer, refreshes and soothes the area and considerably reduces the mixing of dark colors with light ones.
Its regenerating effect also makes it ideal for tattoo healing.
This cream comes in various formats from 120 to 280 ml.

Blue Ice Stencil

Blue Ice Stencil

Format: 100ml
Blue Ice Stencil The Stencil with a unique formulation and a long stay on the skin. Blue Ice Stencil with gel texture, when placed on the skin and expanded, the tracing sticks in a very durable way, and prevents the expansion of the stencil. Blue Ice Stencil is made in Spain, with the best ingredients available, making the tattoo transfer perfectly sharp, clean and detailed.

Blue Ice stencil airless

Blue Ice Stencil Airless

Formats: 50ml or 150ml
Like the Blue Ice Stencil Airless in another format. INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Acrylic Acid, Parfum CI 24090.

Monodosis Blue Ice

Blue Ice 8gr.

Format: 8g envelopes in bags of 20 units
Like the Blue Ice in another format. The 8g doses allow you to take Blue Ice wherever you go.

Photo Finish

Photo Finish

Format: 200ml
Is a transparent gel with a medium consistency, which is applied to the tattooed area when the tattoo is finished, allowing for spectacular photos, and can then be spread and covered with film or left to dry in the open air.

Stencil remover

Stencil Remover spray

Format: 100ml or 250ml
BLUE ICE STENCIL REMOVER, formulated to remove the stencil from the skin easily and safely, even up to an hour after the stencil has dried.
Does not irritate the skin.

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